Humanoids, vampires and ghosts: the most unusual statements to the police

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Poltergeist-the bully, the aliens-the invaders and the vampire-Stalker — police sometimes faced with a rather strange cases. The inhabitant of Krasnoyarsk region have complained that it for a year robbing a Ghost. «Ghost» turned out to be ex-husband, who made a duplicate key and looked into the apartment in the absence of the victim, in total having to assign about a hundred thousand. RIA Novosti presents the most unusual statements, coming to law enforcement in recent years.

The humanoid invaders

Last summer, the district police Department of Krasnodar, reported the violation of Russian airspace. Unknown claimed to see in the city, a spaceship landed, from which came the aliens in spacesuits. They carried with them equipment like radios.

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However, the applicant will surely be called an address where there was the landing, and noted that the humanoids invaded the country illegally. To the place of incident was immediately sent to the district, however, the check brought no results. «During working off of witnesses and eyewitnesses of the spacecraft was revealed not», — he wrote in the report.

Hunting for vampire

Finding unusual criminal, that summer also had to face the suburban operatives. In one of the departments of police called the girl, saying that she was being harassed by an unknown man with red eyes. According to her, it was a real vampire. The appeal was like a joke, but the Complainant confidently called her name, address and phone number.

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It immediately popped response team. The police several days in a row accompanied the frightened girl on the way home, but to find at least some traces of a mysterious stranger and failed.

Siberian poltergeist

In February of this year tricks of the evil forces complained to the resident of Tomsk. According to her, in the apartment for two days «there was something strange,» namely, cabinets falling and flying objects, including books and knives. There really reigned a serious mess: everywhere were scattered things, fallen furniture, and the kitchen from the wall was stuck a huge knife. But the most interesting began then.

«While police officers in the bedroom fell wardrobe, then mounted the shelves began to fall out of the book, and out of the room, which was empty, took off the stick, wrote in the report one of the officers. — Rational explanation the specified event we are not found». Search poltergeist the results did not bring. Then the hosts invited the local priest, which is prophylactic sanctify the room.

«Murder» cat

A shocking confession in the summer of 2017 made the inhabitant of Odintsovo. Calling the police, she spoke of involuntary manslaughter. To the scene left a few operatives. On the doorstep they met the girl in tears, who carried the bloody shirt.

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It soon became clear that the accidental victim was a cat Barsik, who died after washing. The hostess put in the washing machine the clothes of the spouse, but did not notice that a pet had managed to hide inside the drum. To initiate a criminal case, the police refused, and as he could, comforted the poor girl.

Police psychologist

A couple of years ago in law enforcement bodies of the Kemerovo region asked the girl with a request for urgent assistance in the solution of personal problems, demanding to immediately send to her home district.

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Arriving at the address, police found that the hardship the applicant is really lacking, but they are domestic in nature. Because of its strained relations with her husband and frequent conflicts at work a girl was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. However, the district did not panic and stayed with the «victim» a long conversation, promising her that all problems will be resolved and life will soon get better.