In Moscow the first snow fell

© Depositphotos / DubenСнежинка. Archival photoIn Moscow the first snow fell© Depositphotos / Duben

The temperature three to five degrees above zero and snow is expected in the capital, reports weather center.

«Partly cloudy. Light precipitations in places. Wind West quarter of 5-10 m/c», — stated in the message on the Agency’s website.

As the correspondent of RIA Novosti, in Moscow already fell a little snow.

He, in particular, in the West, North-West and center of Moscow. Despite the cold weather, snow remains on the ground and quickly melts.

Precipitation is not complicated the situation on the roads — according to Yandex.Tube, as at 7 am busy roads of the capital is 3 points.

In the centre weather «Phobos» confirmed RIA Novosti that the first snow recorded in Moscow in the night of Friday.

«On the capital base of the weather station, exhibition center at 3: 00 Moscow time for the first time in the season recorded snow», — stated in the message.