Kiev has concealed plans to almost twofold increase in gas prices, found the media

© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace in photobacteria bills of Ukraine for gas meter. Archival photoKiev has concealed plans to almost twofold increase in gas prices, found the media© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace the image Bank

Kiev plans to further raise gas prices for population to the level of 12 thousand UAH per thousand cubic meters, informs the Agency «Ukrainian news», which turned out to be a copy of the judgment, remote from the portal of the Ukrainian government a few minutes after its publication.

According to the full draft resolution, approved by Cabinet on 19 October, with the first of may 2019 gas prices for the population will grow to 10 thousand hryvnia per thousand cubic meters, and from the first of January 2020 is already to 12 thousand hryvnia, the Agency reports.

The draft resolution was approved by the government in the implementation of the Kiev pre-conditions for the adoption of a new program of financial assistance from the IMF of 3.9 billion dollars for a period of 14 months, said «Ukrainian news».

Earlier the Internet-the edition «Economic truth» with reference to «a source familiar with the IMF,» he noted that Ukraine in the framework agreement with the International monetary Fund will have to raise the price of gas for households by 40 percent.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on October 19 increased the price of gas for the population on the first of November to 23.5 percent in the framework of agreements with the International monetary Fund. The price soared from 6, thousand to 8,5 thousand UAH (305 dollars at the official rate) per thousand cubic meters. The government argued that the IMF demanded to increase prices by 60 percent, but failed to agree on compromise for further lending.

The increase in gas prices is one of the conditions of the IMF to continue cooperation with Kiev. The mission of the Foundation has been working in the Ukrainian capital from 6 to 19 September, as reported by the media, put forward four conditions for the new loan.

In addition to the increase in gas prices, Kiev should carry out anti-corruption reform, to adopt a balanced budget and to reorganize the State fiscal service.

Moreover, according to the media, we are talking about the stand-by program — due to failure to comply with the requirements of the existing programme, Kiev is forced to negotiate with the Fund on the loan for five-six billion dollars for a period of 12-15 months.

Kiev has concealed plans to almost twofold increase in gas prices, found the media© Vitaly Podvizhnitsey independence