Megyn Kelly was invited to work in Russian TV

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal in Photobacterium NBC News Megyn Kelly. Archival photoMegyn Kelly was invited to work in Russian TV© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal the image Bank

Head of Directorate of information programmes of the First channel, the presenter of the evening program «Time» Kirill Kleimenov invited American journalist the Kelly Magin, which, as reported, decided to dismiss from NBC, to become his co-host.

He expressed the opinion that the journalist is going to be fired due to the fact that she interviewed President Vladimir Putin loved by Russians.

«I am sure the true reason of our love to her, and, as the ancients said, love grass will not cure. And what will cure? Right: action, proposition, so to speak. And here’s the offer: expensive Megin, dear! You spit on their heads and all you spit, come to us in Russia, city-hero Moscow. What’s there in Moscow! Right here in this Studio come together to lead the program «Time», «Time» according to you, and the love of millions of our men will be with you, and the envy of millions of women. While you’re contemplating, look at story about yourself,» said Kleimenov in the program «Time» on Friday.

The moderator noted that the invitation Kelly — another evidence of the good intentions of Russia.

«Just said, get canceled the program Megyn Kelly — our beloved American leading. She was fired on completely trumped-up reason. Something it does not say something about the color masks for Halloween, something to the effect that if a black can wear a white mask, why not white maybe black, or maybe Vice versa. However, it doesn’t matter,» concluded Kleimenov.

Why do you want to fire Kelly

Earlier, the British media, citing sources familiar with the situation, reported that Kelly was fired from the post leading to NBC for racist remarks. In the program the Today Show the reporter expressed support for the so-called «blackface» — theatrical make-up, which is a caricature of a face of a black man. The amount that the channel may have to pay Kelly is on contract $ 69 million.

Officially resignation of the leading has yet to be announced, however, according to American media, this will happen in the coming days. It was also reported that the journalist can return to the Fox network, where he worked before.

Kelly 46 years, she is a famous TV presenter. One reason for this fame — repeated criticism of the American President Donald trump. After one of the rounds of election debates he negatively spoke about the journalist: the politician accused Kelly of being biased and said directly that he did not like. He later refused to debate on Fox because of what lead them once again was Kelly.

In June 2017, Putin gave Kelly interview on the topic of Russian-American relations and accusations of Russia in «to the intervention in the U.S. elections» — these charges are denied in the White house and the Kremlin. This episode is Kelly watched six million Americans.