Muddy water. Tenants stuck between Russia and Ukraine at home may be disconnected from the water supply

© Photo : courtesy of domacom in the village Chertkovo in Rostov region, who got into the enclaveMuddy water. Tenants stuck between Russia and Ukraine at home may be disconnected from the water supply© Photo : provided by the residents of the house

On one side of the railway — Russia, on the other — Ukraine. Residents in the village Chertkovo in Rostov region again ran into trouble. In the summer they have threatened to turn off gas, for which the owners pay the Ukrainian utilities. This time going to cover cold water, because with this water was used by two more Ukrainian streets. The fact that the Ukrainian side passes to their water supply, and Russian citizens from the troubled home again can be left out.

«We drown»

The building at the address: Transportnaya street, house 2, was in a bureaucratic trap. It was built in Soviet times, the local meat factory, which later became the Russian enterprise as well as home. However, when the company went bankrupt, the building nobody thought. So he hung between the two States. In the construction of gas and electricity spent from the Cretaceous (neighboring Sochi Ukrainian village), and now for the utilities tenants pay is partially Ukraine. And it goes almost four times more expensive.

Cold water, on the contrary, comes from Russia. It so happened that this water supplied two streets in the Cretaceous. At the end of October it became known that the Ukrainian housing and communal services intend to cut off these streets from the Russian water supply and be connected to its.

«I found out about this by accident: my mother lives in the house on the street belonging to Ukraine. To her came the inspectors, explained everything, told him to buy a Ukrainian counters. But to us nobody came, so just drown? For our home will not be after all, to a special branch,» says RIA Novosti resident of the enclave Irina Andreeva (name changed at her request).

Technically, the water goes through the railway, therefore, she believes that supply will block on the Russian side. «So, it will also affect us. To us personally the water from the Cretaceous is clearly not allowed is another country, other rules,» — the interviewee is experiencing.

According to her, 25 October in the house was temporarily turned off the cold water. The people in a panic began to pick off the phone Chortkiv water utility, and the supply was returned.

«The chief of a water utility doesn’t know what he has on the line is done. He told me that nothing was switched off — say, that the Ukrainian side is moving his house and makes a jumper. Nobody confuses that without water, the room automatically becomes unfit for habitation, and this is a violation of the Housing code. Direct prohibition on the disconnection of cold water and heating provided in paragraph decree of the government of Russia from 2011. Plus it is a violation of SanPiN» — said Irina.

The other five families are trying to do everything that they finally moved. Collect papers, written on receptions to the heads of all relevant agencies, contact with the media.

«Only the lazy reporter did not write about our house-wonder. We are already on the Federal channels lit up with the problem. The point of this, however, is a little. In 2017, the government of the Rostov region took the decision to relocate residents and demolish the house. All deadlines are long gone. But we are forced to collect tons of waste paper to prove that we live here, run the BTI, archives, search, papers, — says the interlocutor. — It seems that we are going through the quest «And will they be able to get these documents?»

So, according to Andreeva, recently they have been asked to establish the chronology of all the homeowners. «We found brought. All notarized. Then the administration requested the floor plan. We don’t have such documents — they were at the slaughterhouse. The administration knows it, they know that the archives of the plant burned. But we miraculously found one person then prudently saved documents, stored all this time at home. So we have proved that our home — Russia», — she shares the details.

However, the result of all this has not yet yielded. Officials say one thing: work. «Supposedly our house is on the control of the legal Department of the government of the Rostov region. But in my memory it already the third year for this control. We are offered in court to prove that you live there — there is the receipt of payment, the seal of the guards. Then prove that it is our property. But one answer: «Nothing, the legal Department will understand» — throws up his hands Irina.

«Negotiations with Ukraine are not»

The information Department of the government of the Rostov region stated that «issues with water supply and sanitation in the house and never will be». The head of the Chertkovsky district Olga Podgornaya shared with RIA Novosti the latest information: home finally has a Russian address, so now every resident must go to court for recognition of property rights at this location. For what period of time it’ll last, Podgorny difficult to answer.

As for water, negotiations with the authorities of Sochi with Ukrainian neighbors are not. However, the head of the village said that without water, the residents of the house will remain: «we Will solve problems as they arrive. If suddenly the supply is shut off, our water is ready to drop water on the car.»