Stood breast. In Central Asia women are fighting for their rights, taking off clothes

© AsylbekКадр Zere of zere clip Asylbek KyzStood breast. In Central Asia women are fighting for their rights, taking off clothes© Zere Asylbek

In Kyrgyzstan, a scandal because of the clip, the 19-year-old singer zere Asylbek, where she appeared in a purple bra. Many compatriots supported it, after covering the social network own pictures in their underwear. But the local men did not like it. Now the actress is threatening brutal violence. The intricacies of the emancipation of Eastern women understood to RIA Novosti.

«We have to undress»

«That would be the time when we would have stopped telling me what to do, ceased to speak: thus do, and don’t do that! Why should I be what you want me to see you and the others?» — sings 19-year-old Kyrgyz Asylbek zere. In the video for the song «Kyz» (Girl) she looks relaxed: red lips and lace underwear, on top of which is draped over a simple jacket. Appear in the frame and the other girls. For some — hijab and traditional Kyrgyz dresses, others swimwear.

Video caused a wide public resonance. «Every girl she needs to dispose of his life», «you are forced to think about how to stop the violence and pressure on women,» — wrote in social networks.

Many women in support of zere posed for photos in underwear and posted pictures on the Internet. In a Patriarchal society, they explained, «we have to get naked to assert their rights.»

As told RIA Novosti the singer herself, she deliberately went to the provocation. One of the reasons is the problem of «Ala kachuu», kidnapping for forced marriage. According to UN data, one in four women in Kyrgyzstan at least once experienced physical violence, every fifth — is getting married after it was stolen. Sometimes the girls are kidnapped by strangers. Sometimes the bride’s parents, in collusion with the kidnappers, but most often such stories are simply ignored. Five years ago, the authorities have tightened punishment for this crime, but few people stop.

Stolen love

Particularly strong zere was shocked by the story of 19-year-old Buruli Turdalieva. She studied at the medical College of Bishkek for a midwife. At the end of August was supposed to marry the beloved young man. A couple of months before the wedding she was kidnapped. Thirty Mars Bogachev long dreamed of it and tried to get parents managed to prevent it. However, that day they caught up with the thief with the accomplice, dashed away by car.

The car stopped by the police and took everyone to the station. There Buruli had to call my parents and say that she was all right. Then Bogachev took out a knife and with all his strength stabbed the girl, first in heart, then in the stomach. He even managed to cut on the body of the letter «N + B = X». «B» starts the name of the girl, the «N» — the name of her beloved.A similar situation exists in other Central Asian Republic of Tajikistan. Young artist Marifat Davlatova came under a barrage of criticism due to the fact that draws half-naked women. Some call her work «spitting in the direction of national and religious values», others admire the courage and paintings glorifying the natural beauty of Tajik women. The artist admitted that he received dozens of messages with threats.

In public organization «Center of assistance to women of Kyrgyzstan» (IJC) such methods of fight girls for their rights not judging. «You can act differently. We organize round tables, where talking about problems and seeking their solutions, organize training programs. There are also art projects, in which creative people Express their vision of the problem. Method singer zere unconventional, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Here people are still misunderstood and do not accept that the rights and opportunities of men and women are equal», — told RIA Novosti gender specialist IJC Rimma Sultanova.

In Central Asia zealously honored Patriarchal customs and traditions in Soviet times women gained more rights and freedoms. Everything changed after the Declaration of independence: in search of identity the authorities have embarked on a return to tradition. As strange as it may sound, but conservatism is in Vogue.