The expert spoke about the draft of the competence profile of students

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Russian schools, colleges and universities, by 2024, will introduce a system of personal profile of students, which will be counted as his knowledge and interests, said in an interview with RIA Novosti curator of the direction «Personnel and education» of the programme «Digital economy» Oleg Podolsky.

«By 2024, the ninth year the most educational organizations will work with a personal competence profile of the child, the teenager, his professional development path that will allow you to harness the power of all levels and forms of education,» he said.

This profile will indicate in which areas of knowledge the child is strong and in which he needs additional training. The profile will also take into account those interests that the child is most clearly manifested, and that he wants to implement.

According to Podolsky, the children much faster than adults learn a new technology, they «were born with a smartphone in hand». «The child explores the world using your phone, tablet, other gadgets, and more importantly, from my point of view, to maintain interest, help the child to discover the world… Another thing that you need to help a child in this world to get right, tell him the rules, which are very important in today’s reality. It is in fact one of the core competencies of the digital economy — the ability to consciously and critically think,» said he.

Thanks to technology many students today come to go to College already established specialists, such as programmers. «It turns out they already learned this. We see that the 12-15-year-olds already know how cool programming. As the subject support within the school educational programme, the final solution no one. Moreover, as it turns out «drugged» their intellectual muscles guys not in school,» — said the expert.

«We understand that all informal activity has significantly moved forward from the point of view of the development of digital competences, competences for the digital economy, and the school, of course, the order has lagged behind in this sense, the realization of development objectives. Need to catch up. In this sense, the lesson of technology is likely to take over certain tasks from the point of view of the formation of these missing competencies», he added.

The expert spoke about the draft of the competence profile of students© RIA Novosti, Infographicsrussia Russian universities in QS rating of BRICS — 2018