The government was allowed to admit drunken drivers escaped after the accident

© Fotolia / Syda ProductionsПьяный driver. Archival photoThe government was allowed to admit drunken drivers escaped after the accident© Fotolia / Syda Productions

The government approved a bill which escaped after the accident drivers were allowed to admit drunken «amount of evidence».

Earlier the constitutional court declared inconsistent with the Basic law of note 2 of article 264 of the criminal code, under which the courts can establish the intoxication fact escaped from a road accident place the driver solely on the basis of the presence of ethyl alcohol or drugs in the body of the driver or was a waiver of a medical examination. The constitutional court of Russia has allowed to establish the fact of being escaped after the accident, the drivers are drunk not only on the basis of a medical examination, but «by the totality of other evidence».

As specified on the website of the Cabinet, bills also proposed to increase the criminal liability of the person driving the vehicle and violating traffic rules or rules of operation of transport, subject to the occurrence of serious consequences if that person fled the scene.

«To approve the draft Federal laws «On amendments to articles 264 and 264.1 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation» «About modification of article 12.27 of the Code of the Russian Federation on administrative violations» and submit them to the State Duma in the established procedure», — stated on the website.

Bills approved on 22 October at the meeting of the government Commission on legislative activities.