The journalist of Die Welt believes the «indulgence» of NATO exercises in Norway

© AFP 2018 / Ilmars ZnotinsВоеннослужащие NATO during the exercises. Archival photoThe journalist of Die Welt believes the «indulgence» of NATO exercises in Norway© 2018 AFP / Ilmars Znotins

No one in NATO except Poland and the Baltic States, sees no signs that Moscow is planning «non-nuclear attack», in this connection the question arises, how should the «mischief» with the exercise of the Alliance in Norway, the journalist writes the German newspaper Die Welt Christoph SILC.

Within NATO there is serious disagreement about Russia, the Alliance lacks a clear strategy, besides Poland and the Baltic countries, none of the NATO partners «sees no signs that Moscow is planning a non-nuclear attack», says the author.

The Alliance believes that «much more likely» is the threat of so-called hybrid war, with the use of «cyberweapons, misinformation and instigators», indicates SILC.

«Well, then why all this pampering in Norway with the participation of 50 thousand soldiers and 10 thousand pieces of equipment?» — asks the author.

NATO understands that «in the event of a threat of actual conflict opportunities will be limited», said the journalist of the newspaper.

«It concerns the infrastructure, vehicles, military prowess in the air and at sea, as well as the transfer of large military units to the East. And here already it is necessary to ask a question: whether still relevant in our time such a large-scale maneuvers?» an SILC.

Exercise Trident Juncture began in Norway on October 25 and will end on 7 November. Participation in them will accept about 50 thousand soldiers, 250 aircraft and 65 ships from 31 countries. The number of military of the Nordic countries amounted to more than 13 thousand soldiers, of which about 2 thousand soldiers directly from Sweden.

The Russian foreign Ministry, commenting on the plans of the Alliance, said that these teachings are «clear» anti-Russian orientation, and the participation of non-aligned Finland and Sweden in the maneuvers leading to the deterioration of the situation in the region.