The Pentagon announced the defense Minister’s visit to China in Washington

© AP Photo / Francisco Suministr of defense James Mattis. Archival photoThe Pentagon announced the defense Minister’s visit to China in Washington© AP Photo / Francisco Seco

Pentagon chief James Mattis stated that his Chinese counterpart Wei Penha will come to Washington next week to continue negotiations concerning the relations of the two countries in the military sphere, reports Reuters.

«Strategic competition does not imply hostility. I met with my colleague (from China) in Beijing a month ago, a week ago I met him again in Singapore next week he will arrive in Washington to continue our discussions,» said Mattis, speaking at a forum in Bahrain.

Earlier official representative of the Ministry of defense of China From Qian said that Mattis had once again invited the defense Minister of China to visit the United States. The representative of the defense Ministry of China also added that the relations between China and the United States in the military sphere are maintained at a stable level, but negative factors also exist.

In September, the US imposed sanctions against the head of the Department of training of the troops and supplies of the Central military Commission (CMC) of China Li Shanfu for a deal with Russia to supply su-35 and s-400. The foreign Ministry and the Chinese defense Ministry has expressed indignation in connection with this and has made a submission to the United States. In connection with the actions of Washington, China has decided to immediately cancel the visit to the USA commander of the naval forces of the people’s liberation army of China (PLA Navy) Shen Ciglana. There were reports that the visit of defense Minister of China Wei Penha in the US, planned before the end of the year might be canceled.

Between the United States and China also have a dispute over navigation in the South China and East China seas. Over the past two years there have been a number of incidents with the American destroyers patrolling the waters of the South China sea near the disputed Islands, which China claims as its. Despite the protests from Beijing, the official Washington noted that the United States will continue to swim wherever allows international law.