The Russians 2019 will be trained on the basics of the digital economy

© Depositphotos / WavebreakmediaРабота at the computer. Archival photoThe Russians 2019 will be trained on the basics of the digital economy© Depositphotos / Wavebreakmedia

The Russians 2019 will be trained on the basics of digital economy at the expense of free personalized certificates that will be to consider their career interests and opportunities; at the same time, next year will launch a free online educational resource to develop digital literacy, said in an interview with RIA Novosti curator of the direction «Personnel and education» of the programme «Digital economy» Oleg Podolsky.

«We offer people a personal digital certificate, which will allow them to elevate their skills to meet the demands of the digital economy. The certificate will involve the passage of certain part-time educational activities at the expense of the state, including diagnostics of career interests and opportunities,» he said. In 2019 it is expected to give five thousand digital certificates in different regions of Russia, and until 2024 — a million pieces.

The certificate will include the initial passage and the final test. «We are at the entrance looking a man who knows what his basic level of training in the different areas, what interests at it. And after going through the educational program and the outcome evaluation can show how well those skills that are inherent in the quality of educational results that a person has demonstrated that is what he has learned,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

In addition, by 2019, will create a free online resource for the development of digital literacy and key competencies of the digital economy. It is expected, will be collected by the educational activity courses, allowing them to master skills of working with data, programming basics and methods of safe work in the Internet. «This resource by 2019, we expect to see no less than ten million online students,» — said the expert.

According to Podolsky, the problem of the older generation with the use of new digital technologies arises from distrust: for example, they fear that information will become known to someone who can use it to harm. At the same time, this group of Russians had a great interest in the development of new technologies.

«We see great potential in people of older ages, which are generally ready to change and have some motivation and want to include them in the solution of various problems of the digital economy. What man had never done in their professional activities, but with certain abilities and key competencies related to analytical or critical thinking, it can use supplementary training to master,» he said.