The U.S. withdrawal from the INF Treaty threatens Europe, said the former foreign Minister of Yugoslavia

© RIA Novosti / Anton to Deniability in fotomontagen complex medium-range RSD-10 in the Museum at the Kapustin Yar. Archival photoThe U.S. withdrawal from the INF Treaty threatens Europe, said the former foreign Minister of Yugoslavia© RIA Novosti / Anton to Danilovmarat the image Bank

Possible US withdrawal from the Treaty on intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty) represents a threat for European countries that are in the affected area of such missiles, said to RIA Novosti, the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1992-1995 Vladislav Jovanovic.

«Not only the American threat of the possible withdrawal from the INF Treaty but also extended the special political, economic and other relations of America and its allies with Russia are the reason for the excitement and thrill everyone in Europe who is thinking objectively», — said Jovanovic.

«Especially for us, because we do not belong to any military Alliance and do not wish to belong to, so we are more than others interested in peace and security in Europe and temperance all from any provocative political and military actions», — said the Serbian diplomat.

According to him, the mere threat of US withdrawal from the Treaty strikes not only at the global stability in the nuclear and conventional level, but «puts Western Europe in a very delicate position, as the INF Treaty was signed it was at the request of Western European countries that are in the affected area of these missiles with range from 500 up to 5,5 thousand kilometers.»

Former Minister of foreign Affairs stressed that the possible withdrawal from the INF Treaty is a continuation of the previous outputs States of the agreements on strategic nuclear and missile weapons and «can not strengthen the hopes for stability in international relations.»

«That’s a bad sign that over international relations, especially in Europe, looming dark and threatening clouds. Therefore, in the interest of Serbia and all others, to the international situation, especially in relations between the West and Russia as soon as possible resolved through normal negotiations and understanding all the differences and possible problems», — concluded the Agency interlocutor.

Earlier, the President of the United States Donald trump announced that the United States does not intend to comply with the Treaty on intermediate-range and shorter-range when it breaks, and will be released from the contract. He also believes that the agreement on the elimination of INF should be included and China.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow wants to obtain a more detailed explanation from the United States, and added that the scrapping of the provisions of the INF Treaty would force Russia to take measures to ensure their safety. The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that any action in this field will meet.

In recent years Moscow and Washington have regularly accused each other of violating the INF Treaty. Russia has repeatedly stated that strictly complies with its obligations under the contract. Lavrov noted that Moscow has very serious questions to the US regarding the performance of the contract by the Americans themselves. In particular, in Moscow indicate that the United States placed on land at a military base in Romania, and in Poland — a facility capable of launching a shock cruise missiles of type «Tomahawk», which is prohibited by the Treaty. The Russian side also drew attention to the fact that the United States develop unmanned fighting vehicles, funding research on creation of cruise missiles, land-based.