Trump said that he supports private investment in space

© AFP 2018 / Saul LoebПрезидент USA Donald trump. Archival photoTrump said that he supports private investment in space© 2018 AFP / Saul Loeb

The US President Donald trump said Friday that he supports the idea of private investment in space.

«I say, let the private traders to do it. Let them do it. We gave them our excellent infrastructure for rent (for launches). Let them spend their money to go to Mars. They want to do — I’m cool with that. It seems that rich guys love space,» said trump at a campaign rally in North Carolina.

«They rent our infrastructure. We take them some money. I tell them 25 million for start-up. They say — well,» trump continued, adding that NASA because of this «intensified» and that «it is necessary for our military.»

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