TV presenter Alexander Belyaev told about the fight against cancer

A screenshot of the transfer gossip column on the Fifth channelTV presenter Alexander Belyaev told about the fight against cancer

Russian scientist-geographer and presenter of the weather forecast Alexander Belyaev said that for six years of struggling with lung cancer. He said this live on channel five.

Last year, the commentator already had two surgeries. The rehabilitation process was difficult.

«I did one operation, but I am on the same day, even the whole rewind, sat. I sat down and even walked down the hall. <…> After two days in intensive care. A second operation. Lost 15 kilograms. Looked certainly dreadful. When I came home from the hospital — could not ascend, descend. And although I was told that I have to go, to walk — I couldn’t. Now I am well, but there is no strength» — shared Belyaev with journalists.

According to the scientist, he will have another surgery, but so far it pulls.

«Doctors understand that I have still not healing what needs to heal. The first year pulled, until September, but then the doctors told me: «You do not hurry when at ease feel, then we’ll get to that later», — he explained.

For a long time he tried not to tell anyone about their disease. As told TV presenter, two years ago from cancer his mother passed away, and recently from blood cancer died his wife.

«But for me she always was an example. <…> Just now I have the right to say that I sample, one can say that icon. The icon in the good sense, in the real» — says «weather storyteller.»

The presenter admitted that the prolonged illness made him feel «helpless» in terms of life, but to surrender he is not going.

«Force yourself to live, you know, and then we maybe will win,» concluded Mr Khoroshavin.