Two thirds of Russians favor revision of the Constitution, the survey showed

© RIA Novosti / Nina Sociability in fotoracconti of the Russian Federation. Archival photoTwo thirds of Russians favor revision of the Constitution, the survey showed© RIA Novosti news Agency / Nina Sociability the image Bank

The Constitution of Russia today needs to be revised, this opinion was expressed by two thirds of the population, the majority of respondents also pointed to violations of the provisions of the basic law, according to a study conducted by the Fund «Public opinion».

Respondents were asked: «from time to Time speak and discussed proposed amendments to the Constitution of Russia of various amendments. Should or should not be, in your opinion, today to revise the Constitution to amend it?»

The answer «should» have given 66% of Russians, five years ago, in December 2013, there were 44%. «Should not» responded 20% (in 2013 the figure was 25%). Undecided 14% (in 2013 the figure was 31%).

In addition, respondents were asked: «Some people believe that the Constitution should be periodically reviewed in accordance with the requirements of the time. Others believe that the Constitution should be revised only in exceptional cases. What opinion — the first or the second — do you agree?»

That document should be periodically reviewed, agree 54% of respondents (in 2013 the figure was 48%), about the need to revise the Constitution only in exceptional cases, said 34% of respondents (29% in 2013). Difficult to answer 13% of study participants (five years ago this figure was 22%).

Within the survey, the Russians also asked the question: «do you think the Constitution is violated or not violated? And if disturbed, often or rarely?»

According to the results, 69% of respondents believe that the Constitution is violated, while 46% said it happens often, 23% said that this happens rarely (in 2013 this ratio was 52% and eight percent respectively). Undecided 23% (five years ago the figure was 29%).

Poll «Omnibus» was held on 20-21 October in 104 settlements of the 53 subjects of the Federation, it was attended by 1,500 respondents. The statistical error does not exceed 3.6%.

The head of the constitutional court Valery Zorkin, earlier in an interview to «Rossiyskaya Gazeta» said that the Constitution has flaws, but they can be addressed point changes. Among the disadvantages he called the lack of clarity in the distribution of powers between the President and the government in determining the status of the presidential administration and powers of the Prosecutor’s office. In his opinion, deficiencies exist in the delimitation of subjects of competence and powers between the Federation and its constituent entities.