Attacked a synagogue in Pittsburgh was charged with 29 counts

© AP Photo / Gene J. Rickerby rescue near the synagogue in the American city of Pittsburgh, where the shooting occurred. 27 Oct 2018Attacked a synagogue in Pittsburgh was charged with 29 counts© AP Photo / Gene J. Puskar

Rob Bauer, a suspect in the attack on the synagogue in Pittsburgh, where the shooting death of 11 people indicted on 29 counts, said in a statement on the website of the Ministry of justice.

Earlier, U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions said that the suspect will be charged with the crimes for which he faces the death penalty.

Bauer was charged with crimes involving violence and use of firearms. Charges based on Federal civil rights laws prohibiting violation of the law of hate.

The attack on the synagogue in Pittsburgh

The attack on the synagogue happened on Saturday morning, when there were parishioners. According to media reports, the shooter entered the building and shouting anti-Semitic slogans and began firing. When the police arrived, a gun battle ensued. The shooting killed 11 people, six others, including four policemen, were injured.

The assailant surrendered himself to the police, they found 48-year-old Rob Bauer, who was hospitalized with injuries. According to us media reports, the accounts of Bauer indicates that he is a supporter of the Nazis and Adolf Hitler. In addition, according to the resource, the suspect hates U.S. President Donald trump, because he believes that he is under the control of the Jews.

The President of the United States Donald trump after the incident in Pittsburgh said that it is necessary to tighten laws about the death penalty to those who kill innocent people, «paid the ultimate price» for it. He also promised to visit the town in connection with the tragedy.