Bolton called Macedonia is a very complex country

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye in fotoracconti the US President for national security Affairs John Bolton during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 23 Oct 2018Bolton called Macedonia is a very complex country© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye the image Bank

The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said during a meeting with adviser to the U.S. President for homeland security John Bolton, he raised the question about the US pressure in voting to change the Constitution of Macedonia, in response to Bolton smiled and said it was «very difficult country».

According to Lavrov, the issue arose when Bolton «dinner at a tangent has mentioned intervention» (Russia in U.S. elections — ed.).

«I told him that we are accused of meddling, not only in the US, Spain (Catalonia), in connection with the «broksita», etc., but now it is fashionable to blame us for everything that happens in the Western Balkans… We gave examples that they themselves do nothing, when preparing the Macedonian referendum and the Macedonian capital Skopje was visited by NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg, Minister of defense Mattis, German Chancellor Merkel… that publicly, «in a forehead», without any of the delicacies demanded from Macedonian voters to vote for their future to say «Yes» in the referendum about whether they want to become members of the EU and NATO by «only» changing the name of the country. This crafty wording violates a lot», — said Lavrov in an interview to the program «Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin» on TV channel «Russia-1».

The Minister recalled that subsequently, when the referendum did not gain quorum and did not take place in the Parliament of Macedonia passed a vote to initiate the procedure of amending the Constitution.

«And the missing nine votes (because the opposition party was against) is openly declared in the Republic of Macedonia has been obtained partly by bribery, partly by promise not to open a criminal case… All this time in the building of the Macedonian Parliament was a US Ambassador and not simply was. I told Bolton, he chuckled and replied that it was «very difficult country», — said Lavrov.Bolton called Macedonia is a very complex country© Infographical two Macedonia: why we need a referendum