In China was forbidden to take pictures with the pandas and feed them for the money

© AP Photo / Gregory BullПанды. Archival photoIn China was forbidden to take pictures with the pandas and feed them for the money© AP Photo / Gregory Bull

The authorities of Sichuan province in southwest China has banned areas and centers containing large Panda, any commercial activities that allow tourists to get close to animals, including to take pictures with them and feed.

Defenders of pandas in China have long been opposed to tourists and celebrities came to him personally, explaining that animals which are endangered, can be transmitted disease.

In a statement to the Chinese media the decision of the Department of forestry of Sichuan province said that companies, which contain pandas in captivity don’t have to organize commercial events, which allow tourists to get close to animals (e.g., take pictures or feed them for the money).

How to write the Chinese media, according to Internet users, the breeding centre of giant pandas in Sichuan province was allegedly charged thousands of yuan (9,44 thousand) for a photo with a Panda. The centre has denied these reports, saying that only veterinarians and scientists have access to animals.

The giant Panda is a mammal, currently classified as bears. Is an endangered species and is under special state protection in China. In addition, the Panda is the symbol of China and occupies a special place in the diplomacy of Beijing. Sending these animals to different countries has become a tradition, which is often called «Panda diplomacy».