Jordan completed the search for the missing in the landslide

© REUTERSСпециалисты Civil defence search for survivors after the erosion of the area near the dead sea, the rains, Jordan. 26 Oct 2018Jordan completed the search for the missing in the landslide© REUTERS

Search and rescue teams of civil defense of Jordan has completed its operation in the area of the Dead sea, where the powerful mudslides after heavy rains demolished a bridge and took the bus with students, just rescued 35 people, discovered the body 21, the TV channel Jo24.

«As a result, lasted three days of searching for missing rescued 35 people, 21 found the body of the dead… search and rescue teams had completed the operation», — quotes the channel of civil defense of Jordan.

It is noted that the search involved, in particular, teams of handlers and unmanned aerial vehicles.

In turn, the Minister of education of the Kingdom of Azmi Governorate on Saturday imposed a ban on all school trips until further notice, even if their permission has been obtained.

Heavy rains fell Thursday on Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. As a result of the disaster hit bridge in the area of the lowlands Agar that led to the flooding of the tour bus with the students.

The official representative of the government of Jordan said Thursday that organized the tour of the school broke the rules of safety and get permission for a tour to another area, not to the Dead sea. Authorities began investigating the incident.