Kuban medical staff walked nearly seven million homes in the flooded area

© RIA Novosti / Nikolay to Hinakura in photobacteria psychological and psychiatric assistance in the area of flooding in the Kuban regionKuban medical staff walked nearly seven million homes in the flooded area© RIA Novosti / Nikolay to Highacidity the image Bank

About 7 thousand houses in the flooding area around the Kuban physicians, they advised the citizens and provided them with necessary medical care, according to the Ministry of health of the Krasnodar region.

«Health workers visited nearly seven million homes in the flooded area,» the statement reads.

According to the Agency, medical and nursing teams continue podborovye rounds in the flooded areas of the province, in every house they find out whether residents in need of medical care.

«Teams visiting people, advise, issue recommendations and, if necessary, can be delivered in the medical organization», — the Ministry informs.

According to the health Ministry, only outpatient medical care in the emergency area is extended to 125 patients treated at hospitals with positive dynamics remains to 12. Earlier it was reported that one child was discharged from the hospital.

Due to rain on Wednesday in the Tuapse and Apsheron districts, as well as in Sochi has been flooding. According to the revised data of EMERCOM in the region, 29 settlements have been flooding 2365 houses. The territory was introduced a state of emergency, partly evacuated the population, online services translated into enhanced mode, go podborovye rounds to assess the damage from the elements. The regional government announced the start of compensation payments and lump sum payments to victims of disaster.

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