Opioid plague: how Americans are addicted to drugs

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Americans increasingly fall into dependence on opioid drugs — moreover, the authorities are already talking about the epidemic. The responsibility for this largely lies with the doctors who too easily prescribe patients prescription painkillers. Not being able to go off my meds, people without bad habits turn into addicts.

«I then studied at the University. No this much aching wisdom tooth, the doctor sent for destruction. The procedure was quite unpleasant, and the dentist prescribed Vicodin. Learn about it, friends asked me to sell them a couple of «Waikiki». However, I left the painkillers at home. Addicted with the first pill. Knew it, as already swallowed three pieces with alcohol. The doctor refused to prescribe me this medication. I had to go to drug dealers that lived next door. Knowing that I’m sitting on «Weiki», they inflated the price. That was then, remember the bad. To escape from this hell and end the relationship, it took me three years of rehabilitation», — told RIA Novosti 25-year-old American who introduced himself as Kevin. He recently came from Boston to new York, now working in a small company. His story is not unique.

«The doctor prescribed me a week course. As I later learned, this medication was enough to take only one day after tooth extraction, in principle, might be applied with other analgesics. But I was given on the basis of the opioids, and with a stock so you don’t have to sign up and come again,» said RIA Novosti forty-year old Kelly from Minnesota. It is a long course of drug treatment.

«Hillbilly heroin»

Every year from a drug overdose in the United States die tens of thousands of people. In 2016, according to various estimates, from 59 to 65 thousand more than are killed in car accidents. In Russia, for comparison, the figure is eight thousand people.

According STAT, the American information resource on public health for the next ten years from drug addiction may die about 500 thousand people. About the same from 1980 to the present time in the United States were victims of HIV.

It all began in the 1990s, when pharmaceutical companies began widely advertising has a strong analgesic effect and at the same time, cheap medicines based on opioids, urging doctors to their safety.

Then people looking for other ways to get the pill or try to get more powerful drugs. And often hooked on heroin or fentanyl is a synthetic tool, which appeared on the black market not so long ago, is more dangerous than morphine. Because of it, according to the National Institute of drug addiction, growing mortality from overdose. In addition to other drugs, fentanyl found in the house of singer and composer Prince, who died in April 2016.

Many synthetic drugs in the US comes from China. One dose of such drugs can kill novice drug addicts.

Many believe that what is happening blame the US health care system. In addition to doctors and pharmaceutical corporations further complicates the situation and medical insurance. A significant part of the population simply can not afford, so people are forced to take for pain inexpensive opioid medication.

Problems arise from those who still have the policy. It allows you to spend thousands of dollars on painkillers, but sometimes makes it impossible to spend even a small amount for visits to the doctor-psychiatrist.

Campaign promise

«To get drugs as easily as a chocolate bar», has said repeatedly the President of the United States Donald trump.

During the election campaign he promised to fight the increasing dependence of the American society of analgesics. Barely having entered the White house, trump formed a Commission to combat the epidemic of opioid addiction.

«We’re going to spend a lot of time, effort and money to confront the opioid crisis,» promised trump, adding that this problem is not only the US but all over the world.

In October last year, he announced the largest-ever epidemic of opioid dependence national disaster. «With such a problem we have not yet encountered» — he spread it with his hands.

The Commission on combating the epidemic of opioid addiction Trump offered to take different measures. According to experts, to help those who are already fully addicted to prohibited drugs, the States should be allowed to treat drug addicts at the expense of the Federal budget. This will reduce the load on regional funds and develop common standards of assistance throughout the country. Besides, it’s everywhere sell funds from an overdose and to provide their comments.

Us doctors fear that the fight against opiate drugs in the United States went too far: it is impossible to completely restrict access to this drug to people who need them, especially those who are treated from cancer. Otherwise, patients suffering from severe pain, will turn to drug dealers.