Pulkovo airport has proposed to rename in honor of his

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Fans of the leader of group «Leningrad» Sergei Shnurov to discuss the opportunity to call in his honor the Pulkovo airport as part of a nationwide competition for the assignment of names of outstanding compatriots airports to the official page of the musician in Instagram.

Cords next to his photo in pioneer tie has posted in Instagram information that the residents of Russian regions allegedly put forward his name as an additional name of the airport in St. Petersburg. Thus on the official website of «Great names of Russia» whereby 45 Russian airports names outstanding compatriots, the list of proposals relating to Pulkovo, there is the name of the leader of the «Leningrad».

Some users in the comments called this idea a «masterpiece» and write about the intention to vote for the proposal to call Pulkovo in honor of his on the website of the national competition. «Sergei, it is fair to assign Your name in the airport! You represent the soul of the Russian people without embellishment, without the hypocritical masks and false faces,» wrote a user under the nickname ekaterinabezfamilnaia.

Other panellists being ironic about the possible assignment of the airport in St. Petersburg additional name in honor of his. «How better to call, the airport is the airport Cords or Cord, or the airport «Leningrad»?» — asks the user _aleksandrfedorov_. Another participant of the discussion assumes that the aircraft will land in St. Petersburg under the song «Peter — to drink», and another user joked about the fact that when you assign «Pulkovo» name Shnurov ads at the airport will be designed in the style of his work.

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Against the initiative to call the airport in St. Petersburg in honor of Shnurova has made the regional branch of the party «Communists of Russia», which, according to the parties, learned about it from the media. According to the head of St. Petersburg branch of «Communists of Russia» Sergei Malinkovich, assign «Pulkovo» the name of the leader of the «Leningrad» «incorrect and short-sighted».

«Cords, no doubt, a capable musician, but the amount of profanity in his songs exceeds all reasonable limits. It can like difficult teenagers, but is fundamentally contrary to the traditions of St. Petersburg and Leningrad culture…» — are on the website of the regional branch of the party the words of Malinkovich.

Earlier in October, the Deputy Chairman of the Commission on youth policy, Patriotic education and sports of the Public chamber of St. Petersburg Christina Fedoseeva reported that St. Petersburg offered to call the airport Pulkovo in honor of Peter the Great, Joseph Brodsky, Catherine II, Alexander III and several Heroes of the Soviet Union.

The contest is initiated by the Public chamber of the Russian Federation with the support of the Russian geographical society, the Society of Russian literature, the Russian military-historical society, Russian historical society. In the framework of the project «Great names of Russia» 45 the Russian airports will be named outstanding compatriots. These names will complement the official names of the airports of international and Federal importance.