The accident in St. Petersburg, killing eight people

© Photo : EMERCOM of Russia in St. Petersburg Liquidation of consequences of accident in the Resort district of Saint Petersburg. October 27, 2018The accident in St. Petersburg, killing eight people© Photo : EMERCOM of Russia for Saint-Petersburg

Eight people were killed and one hospitalized after collision of minibus and truck to the Western high-speed diameter (WHSD) in the Resort district of St. Petersburg, a criminal case, according to the website of the interior Ministry in the region.

«As a result of the accident, the driver and seven passengers of the Hyundai Starex minibus died on the spot. The truck driver Iveсo hospitalized in serious condition. The Scania driver of a foreign car has not suffered», — is spoken in the message.

According to authorities, 27 October around 18.00 GMT on 36-th kilometer WHSD 61-year-old citizen, driving a truck Iveсo, collided with a passing Scania, driven by 59-year-old man. As a result of collision the car Iveсo left on a strip of oncoming traffic where made collision with the oncoming van, then the car caught fire.

In fact, accident investigators CSO GU MVD of Russia opened a criminal case under article 264 of the criminal code on violation of traffic rules and operation of vehicles, caused by negligence to fatal accidents, the report said.

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