The CEC of Georgia has denied the information about the number of violations in the presidential elections

© Sputnik / Levan to Webrelease in photosangelina vote in the election of the President of Georgia at a polling station in Tbilisi. October 28, 2018The CEC of Georgia has denied the information about the number of violations in the presidential elections© Sputnik / Levan to Webredirect the image Bank

The Central election Commission of Georgia denied reports circulated in the media and non-governmental organizations, information on irregularities in some polling stations during Sunday’s presidential election, said CEC speaker Anna Mikeladze.

According to her, the NGO «transparency international» gave to the CEC information about that in Zugdidi 94-m polling station, the observer saw a member of the Commission threw in the ballot box some papers.

«We checked the information and found that one of the members of the Commission had been registered on the same plot, which worked, and therefore himself took part in the elections. According to the members of the Commission, they were not cast into the ballot box,» said Mikeladze.

She added that she provided to the Commission information on 4 polling stations in Bolnisi representatives of the electoral subjects interfered with the electoral process, therefore received the warning.

«There is also information that in the town of Akhalkalaki in the 46th precinct Chairman broke the phone to a member of the Commission. We checked the information, the Committee member tried to make a video, but after a little turmoil the situation has settled. At the moment the vote goes in a usual mode», — she added.

Mikeladze also said that information about the fact that the area in Didube district in Tbilisi lost ballots is not true.

«The reality that is supposedly at Geneva, the polling station was closed early… In Geneva, the plots have not been opened. In Switzerland, opened one polling station in Bern. And he didn’t closed,» she explained.

Sunday in Georgia elections of the President, who is elected for a term of six years. This last election by direct vote, 2023, the head of state will choose not the people, and 300 delegates. Just for this position 25 candidates, including two main competitors: EC-FM, an independent candidate and the favorite of the ruling party «Georgian dream» Salome Zurabishvili and the candidate from the United opposition «Strength is in unity», the former ally of ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili, Vashadze.