The turnout in the elections of the President of Georgia for the first two hours amounted to 6.15%

© Sputnik / Denis Aslanbeyli in fotobounce one of the polling stations in Tbilisi at the election of the President of Georgia. October 28, 2018The turnout in the elections of the President of Georgia for the first two hours amounted to 6.15%© Sputnik / Denis Aslanbeyli the image Bank

Voter turnout for the elections of the President of Georgia as at 10.00 a.m. (09.00 GMT) amounted to 6.15%, said the speaker of the Central election Commission Anna Mikeladze.

In the presidential election in 2013, turnout for the first two hours of voting was 6.8% — 240 thousand people.

«At the moment the electoral process takes place in a relaxed atmosphere. To 10.00 am, the voter turnout amounted to 6.15% — 215,3 thousand people»,- said press-speaker of CEC Anna Mikeladze at the briefing.

Sunday in Georgia elections of the President, who is elected for a term of six years. This last election by direct vote, 2023, the head of state will choose not the people, and 300 delegates. Just for this position 25 candidates, including two main competitors: EC-FM, an independent candidate and the favorite of the ruling party «Georgian dream» Salome Zurabishvili and the candidate from the United opposition «Strength is in unity», the former ally of ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili, Vashadze.

CEC has organized 3705 polling stations in 84 counties across the country. Abroad has opened 55 sites in 41 countries. According to the foreign Ministry, the consulates abroad are about 53 thousand of Georgian citizens. With respect to prisons and hospitals, there open 11 parcels created in the form of an exception. Ten sites opened in prisons throughout Georgia, one in the Center for physical health. On the territory of the Russian Federation the parcels were not opened because of lack between the two countries diplomatic relations.

Elections in any case will be declared valid, as the threshold turnout no. The winner will be the candidate who secures 50% plus one vote of all voters. The final results must be announced not later than 20 days after the elections. If none of the candidates in the first round will not gain more than 50 percent of the votes, the CEC will be appointed the second round. The second round should be held no later than two weeks after the official announcement of the election results. According to the CEC the list of voters of Georgia was 3.5 million people.