There was a video from the scene of a deadly accident in St. Petersburg

In a Network there was video from the scene of a collision between two trucks and a minivan in the Resort district of St. Petersburg.

Published footage can be seen on fire cars. As a result of collision the car was outside the track. At the scene are representatives of the security services.

The accident occurred on 36-th kilometer of the Western high-speed diameter in the Resort district of St. Petersburg about six in the evening. According to «Vesti», the Iveco truck collided with a truck Scania, with the result that the latter has left on an oncoming lane and crashed into a van Hyundai Starex. After the collision both cars caught fire.

According to the latest data, the accident killed seven passengers in the cabin of the minivan. All of them died before arrival of rescuers. Currently specified gender and age of the victims. In fact the incident is checked.

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