Erdogan opened Turkey’s the largest airport in the world

© 2018 AFP / Bulent KilicНовый airport in Istanbul, Turkey. 29 Oct 2018Erdogan opened Turkey’s the largest airport in the world© AFP 2018 / Bulent Kilic

The ceremony of commissioning the first phase of the new airport, which will be the largest in the world, was held in Istanbul.

Earlier, the presidential aircraft of the country’s leader Tayyip Erdogan landed at the new airport, becoming the first aircraft committed there fit. After that, he together with his wife Emine Erdogan toured the new airport at the wheel of an electric car and bought the first ticket.

«Istanbul is not only the largest city in Turkey and the most important brand of the country. So we gave him the name «Istanbul». I hope that the discovery will benefit not only Turkey but also the world as a whole,» Erdogan said at the opening ceremony. The broadcast is channel NTV.

Erdogan called the historic upcoming inauguration in Istanbul, the largest airport in the world, and the airport itself — the measure of achievement, power and will of Turkey to the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Republic.

He added that the new airport will be one of the main global hubs, and will change the traffic between the continents. To complete the new airport into operation atatürk international airport will continue to operate.

«After the new airport will be operated at full capacity, the Ataturk airport, while maintaining its status will be closed to commercial flights. Ataturk airport will continue its operations under the same name, becoming a platform for activities such as aviation fairs, and other activities,» added the Turkish leader.

After that, he undertook a symbolic wheel, giving a start to the new airport.

The tender for the construction of the airport won by a consortium Limak-Kolin-Cengiz-MaPa-Kalyon with a proposal in the amount 26,14 billion euros.

In the first phase of construction of the airport has been allocated six billion euros. The construction of the airport lasted four years, involved 10 thousand workers.

The total area of the airport is 76.5 million square meters.

The new air hub will have six runways, Parking for 500 aircraft, open and closed Parking for 70 thousand cars.

The first time the airport will operate with partial load, mainly domestic destinations. The first flights will be carried out in Ankara, Antalya and Izmir in early November. The first international flights in Baku and the Northern Cyprus. Other phases of the airport will be commissioned before 2023.

After completion of all stages of construction of the new airport of Istanbul will be the largest in the world and will annually handle up to 200 million passengers. After the commissioning of the airport can accept aircraft of 250 airlines, which will fly more than 350 destinations. It is planned that daily from the airport will make flights of about two thousand planes.