In Moldova shore businessman fined for foreign funding of the party

© Photo : Urbanpolicy By the businessman Ilan Shor. Archival photo.In Moldova shore businessman fined for foreign funding of the party© Photo : By Chump

The court of Chisinau has fined the well-known Moldovan businessman, mayor of Orhei Ilan Shor for illegal financing of the party «shore» of foreign funds during the election campaign.

In may of this year the candidate from the party «blinders» on a post of the mayor of Chisinau Regina Apostolova was withdrawn from the race due to the fact that the party used during the election campaign funds from foreign funds. The reason for this was the complaint of representatives of the national unity Party Anatol Salaru and Konstantin Codreanu.

«The court held that the convict (Shor — ed.) an offence under article 48 (1) of the Criminal code of the Republic of Moldova and to appoint to it punishment in the form of a fine,» reads the court’s decision.

He shore did not attend the meeting and the reason for the absence is not explained. The court noted that the fault of the leader of the party «fully installed and proven.» The amount of the fine has not been announced.

Shore, who is the spouse of famous Russian singer Jasmine, in June of 2017 was sentenced by the court of Chisinau to 7.5 years of imprisonment for participation in the case of banking fraud.

In 2014, three banks of Moldova were withdrawn around one billion euros. By order of the government of Moldova was investigated. In the report of the international detective Agency Kroll figured in the name of Shor, who was appointed Chairman of the administrative Board of Banca de Economii (the former «Savings Bank»). The report describes the transactions in Moldovan banks shares of the BEM, Unibank and Banca Sociala (Sibank), a shareholder of which is the shore.