In the Federation Council commented on the decision of Merkel to run as Chancellor

© AFP 2018 / Markus Nebakanezer of Germany Angela Merkel at a press conference in Berlin, Germany. 29 Oct 2018In the Federation Council commented on the decision of Merkel to run as Chancellor© AFP 2018 / Markus Heine

After the election of the German Chancellor in 2021, the city will retain the traditional policy of mutually beneficial cooperation with Moscow under the new leadership, said the first Deputy head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Vladimir Jabbarov.

Angela Merkel heads the government of Germany since 2005, said Monday that he will not nominate his candidacy at the election of the Chancellor in 2021. Also the head of the Christian democratic Union (CDU) does not intend to fight for a place in the Bundestag and other political posts.

«On relations with Russia, the election of a new Chancellor, a significant impact will, Germany traditionally pursues a policy of mutually beneficial cooperation with Moscow,» — said dzhabarov RIA Novosti

«It is possible that Merkel took the decision to leave politics after lowering the ratings of her party. She doesn’t want her party members have suffered from recent negative political developments, including the effects of the migration crisis in Europe. Parliamentary elections already showed a decrease in the rating of the CDU», he added.

The parliamentarian did not rule out that Merkel wants to give way to young, rising politicians, «but she would not stop to influence internal and external political processes of Germany.»

Dzhabarov also believes that by 2021 Merkel can change their decision not to participate in the election of the Chancellor, if the political situation changes. The Senator believes that all decisions taken by the Merkel dictated by domestic political reasons in Germany, and the United States, despite the claims of Washington to the project «Northern stream-2», could hardly exert such a strong influence on the policy of Germany.

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