Indonesia’s Navy has sent ships to the scene of the crash

© REUTERS / Waipoua operation at the crash site of a Boeing 737 in Indonesia. 29 Oct 2018Indonesia’s Navy has sent ships to the scene of the crash© REUTERS / Basarnas

Navy Indonesia sends warships at the crash site of the aircraft, Lion, reports news Agency Antara.

«We sent a number of warships and personnel of naval forces», — quotes Agency the statement of the representative of the Navy of Indonesia.

Also at the crash site of an airliner was sent a team of divers.

According to the Agency, at the scene was sent to the 30 members of the National Committee for transportation safety Indonesia.

«We will continue to increase the number of our employees, which will be sent to the crash site, where they found the wreckage of the plane», — quotes Agency the words of the head of the Committee. He added that the crash site was sent special equipment to extract water from the black box of the aircraft.

The Boeing 737 MAX budget airline Lion Air, carrying out flight from Jakarta on the island of Sumatra, took off from the airport of the capital of Indonesia 06.20 (02.20 GMT) and disappeared from radar at 06.33 (02.33 GMT). The first message that in the sea off the coast of West Java found a large wreckage, entered the National Agency for emergencies and catastrophes of Indonesia from the crews of civilian ships were in the disaster area. In a statement the airline reported that all on Board were 181 passengers, two pilots and six crew members.

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