Kaspersky gave advice to employees of the savings Bank, whose data came into the net

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in fotobounce savings Bank. Archival photoKaspersky gave advice to employees of the savings Bank, whose data came into the net© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

Data breaches occur frequently, they are subject to many of the organizations affected by this case, you should take certain steps to stay safe, informed RIA Novosti the web analyst «Kaspersky Lab» Vladislav-Candy.

A database that contains data of employees of Sberbank, appeared on one of the specialized sites for programmers on Thursday. In total, the database contained 421,7 thousands of records about the employees of the Bank and several subsidiaries, including their names, email addresses and logins to the operating system of the Bank. The information was posted by an unknown user, free of charge. Now the file is unavailable. In the savings Bank earlier on Monday said RIA Novosti that they were aware of this, but the leaked database does not pose a threat to customers.

According to Tushkanova data leaks in recent times happen often enough — they are subject to financial companies, and the healthcare entities, and government agencies. «For the enterprise that can be fraught with loss of reputation, but far more the threat of leaks are directly to those whose data is in open access,» warned the expert.

He recommends that such victims to take certain steps to stay safe. So, you need to check, are you using the password that you entered in the services of this company in other places. Secondly, he said, should be alert in case if in addition to the pairs «username-password» leaked personal information like addresses, phone numbers or names of family members.

«Under these circumstances dramatically increases the likelihood of targeted phishing attacks. For example, you can expect an SMS or a message in instant messenger, where on behalf of your daughter’s attacker will be urgently asking to transfer money to some account. It is useful to warn friends and relatives that your data may be used for phishing attacks,» said Candy RIA Novosti.

In addition, after such incidents should from time to time to check your credit history in order to react in time if your data was used for financial fraud, for example, with microcredit, concluded the Agency interlocutor.