Kozak has discussed with the oil companies as to avoid prohibitive duties on exports

© AP Photo / Hasan JamaliНефтяной the machine-rocking. Archival photoKozak has discussed with the oil companies as to avoid prohibitive duties on exports© AP Photo / Hasan Jamali

In charge of energy Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak said that today held talks with representatives of oil companies and discussed with them the measures necessary to stabilize domestic fuel prices without the government’s emergency measures.

Earlier on Monday, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev noted, in some cases, rising prices for gasoline and mandated the Ministry of energy and Kozak in the next two days to hold consultations with the oil companies. The head of the government threatened to impose prohibitive export duty, if in the course of these consultations the agreement on freezing of domestic prices of petroleum products will not be achieved.

«Today once again had a conversation with the oil companies. We again spoke about how to stabilize the situation in order not to resort to emergency measures,» — said Kozak to journalists.

He noted that the situation is tense. «We understand that it may be different — the market is the market, we should react appropriately. So in advance, even in the summer, in the relevant draft laws envisage measures for swift response to emerging negative for the domestic market the situation on the fuel market. Currently she is on the verge that we may will have to apply emergency measures», — said Deputy Prime Minister.

«We still have a few days — the oil companies. The idea is to ensure not only saturation of the volume of the motor fuel market, but also at the wholesale price — we have to provide the necessary margins for independent gas stations,» — said Kozak.

He pointed out that in some regions, especially the Urals, for some fuels — winter diesel — the margin is negative. «So you need to lower wholesale prices. Winky (a vertically integrated oil company — ed.) for its gas stations have the opportunity today to hold the prices at gas stations Vinca problems do not exist. But 60% of gas stations we have today is not owned by VIOCs, so you need to find a way out of this situation», — said Deputy Prime Minister.