Lawyer Gufa described the alleged party attack on the rapper

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator in fotoracconti rap artist Alexey Dolmatov. Archival photoLawyer Gufa described the alleged party attack on the rapper© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator the image Bank

Involved in the attack on rapper Gufa (Alexey Dolmatov) supposedly associated with big business and was a participant of the incidents of violence, told RIA Novosti lawyer of the rapper Sergei Zhorin.

Earlier, the RIA Novosti source in law enforcement bodies of the capital told me that the attack on Dolmatova is checked.

The lawyer said that now he finds out the details of the incident in parallel with the police investigation.

«We in parallel with the police conduct their investigation. And we already have information about who may be involved in the attack. I am not going to call this person, but it’s fairly well-known, outrageous man… He is not associated with show-business is big business. The man already came into the scandalous reports, he has certain proclivities to violent actions», — said the Zhorin, noting that more detailed information it can reveal only after a thorough background check.

In addition, the lawyer told the details of the evening, which ended with the attack on the artist.

«Alexei had a private event at the club «Bunker», all went well, it was the birthday of one young man. Claims to duration or quality of the performance was not, on the contrary, everyone enjoyed it and several people who attended this event, invited Alex to discuss the terms of the same performance. To discuss this issue, they invited him to a private room. On entering the room they put armed guards didn’t let anyone not released, including the people that were with Alex. As soon as he walked into this room, he began to strike,» — said the lawyer of the rapper.

According to him, the attack Guf has received a brain concussion, two broken ribs and possibly internal injuries.

A review of the police regarding the identity of the suspect, RIA Novosti has not yet.