On the border of Guatemala and Mexico during the clashes with the police killed a migrant

© AFP 2018 / Pedro PardoМигрант from Honduras near the border bridge between Guatemala and Mexico. Archival photoOn the border of Guatemala and Mexico during the clashes with the police killed a migrant© 2018 AFP / Pedro Pardo

One of the Honduran migrants were killed on Sunday on the border of Guatemala and Mexico while trying to break into Mexican territory.

As the portal Prensa Libre, a citizen of Honduras died after being hit by rubber bullets fired by one of the Guatemalan police.

It happened during an attempted breakthrough of the group of migrants from Honduras, focusing on the border between Guatemala and Mexico, international boundary bridge transition through the river Suchiate in the Guatemalan city of Ciudad Tecún umán. Injured women, children, and several agents of the national police of Guatemala.

According to the latest data of the Mexican authorities, in the caravan of migrants moving from Central America through Mexico to the border with the United States, are a little more than 3.6 thousand people. Even the order of 1.75 thousand migrants asked for asylum in Mexico. To temporary shelters already located another 116 people who have agreed to voluntary return to their homeland. Also a number of migrants stopped at the border of Guatemala and Mexico.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump said that in the caravan heading to the southern border of the United States, are alleged criminals and unknown people of the Middle East. He warned the guards and the military, it’s an emergency on a national scale. National security Commissioner of Mexico, Renato sales Heredia has denied the information that among the migrants are terrorists or members of organized crime.