Pamfilova told about the problems in the sphere of electoral legislation

© photo courtesy of CEC Rossiyaga of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova. Archive photoPamfilova told about the problems in the sphere of electoral legislation© photo courtesy of the CEC of Russia

Federal and regional electoral legislation in Russia in different ways regulates certain aspects of the electoral process, therefore on the key issues of a common denominator, said the head of the Central election Commission Ella Pamfilova.

«Many of the things we are regulated in different ways… Many of the election procedure is regulated not only at the Federal but also at regional level… We analyze and see how motley and how different regional legislation one from the other. Requires a certain common ground on key issues,» — said Pamfilova, speaking at the scientific-practical conference «Elections. Today and tomorrow».

According to her, the result of the existence of many procedures for the elections of different level in different regions of the country are regulated differently.

«As frequently has been amended, any internal contradictions in this (electoral) legislation when they did not correspond to a single logic. Constant changes in the rules seriously hamper their understanding of participants of the electoral process… we Have themselves sometimes disputes arise about how to interpret norm of the law,» — said Pamfilova.