«Presidential» tiger Bob found himself a new bride in the reserve in the far East

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Ankow reserve. Archival photo«Presidential» tiger Bob found himself a new bride in the reserve in the far East© RIA Novosti / Vitaly ANEC

Camera traps in the reserve in the Jewish Autonomous region was recorded on the same property as Philip tigress rescued from dogs in littoral, and the «presidential» tiger Boris, who might form a couple, reports on his page in Facebook interregional public organization «Center of «Tiger».

Four-month-old female Siberian tiger, which was called Philippa, came to the people on December 29 2015 in search of food, but in the village it nearly tore the dog. Residents Filippovka reported the situation to employees of the national Park «Land of leopard», which arrived at the scene and saved the tiger. Predator was sent to the Center for rehabilitation and reintroduction of tigers and other rare animals. In April 2017, it was released in the nature reserve «Dichun» in the Jewish Autonomous region, wearing a special collar with a GPS module.

Tiger Bob lived in the same rehabilitation center informed. In 2014 in the Amur region it together with two other cubs, orphaned Kuzya and Ilona, were released into the wild by Russian President Vladimir Putin. A neighbor of Boris’s rehabilitation center the tiger Light was released in 2014 in the reserve «crane» in the JAR. After almost 1.5 years Bob traveled hundreds of miles and reached «Crane» once again in December 2015 to meet the Bright. In the spring of 2017 environmentalists have reported the appearance of a pair of cubs.

Tigress Philip never got to the footage of camera traps after graduation. Her site is inaccessible to humans.

«Finally got to her «home». Camera traps on its territory was established in August, and already received first shots… Now the tigress is about three years old, she is in great shape and in the Prime of life! Phil lives on the border of the two States: Russia and China, its site is located along the Amur river. But check camera traps showed another interesting fact is that the part of the tigress Philippi was visited recently by tiger Boris, which we monitor regularly in the reserve «crane», — informs the Center.

According to scientists, the interval at which the tigers appear in the camera trap, within weeks.

«This fact suggests that the probability of their meeting is quite high. They know about each other, and we can assume that their meeting was all for a reason,» — experts say.

On the Center page in Facebook published pictures of tigers with camera traps.