Rostov experts showed the film from the camera of the WWII

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Poznavatelno. Archival photoRostov experts showed the film from the camera of the WWII© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Song

Specialists from the Rostov region showed the film from the camera of the great Patriotic war, found in the beginning of October this year, from 36 shots remained only one, reported RIA Novosti Deputy Governor of the Rostov region Vadim Artemov.

The remains of the officer, dead from a gunshot wound to the head in the autumn of 1941 near Rostov, was found by searchers Association «Mius Front» in early October of this year. Beside him in the shooting box was found a field officer’s bag with a camera Leica Camera AG, which were charged shot film Kodak AG.

According to the head of the Rostov regional search and public enterprises Andrew Kudryakova, for more than 20 years of experience of the searchers the camera in such a degree of safety not found never.

About the owner of the camera while it is known that he died as a hero with gun in hand: the Nazis were never able to approach his trench and threw grenades. Then, the trench filled with earth.

«Before it turned negative, the film has gone through several stages of recovery. Of the 36 recorded images managed to see only one. He is in an extremely unstable state, the image specialists had to be recovered piecemeal in a variety of ways,» said Artemov.

Preserved frame printed on modern equipment, the specialists of the Rostov branch of the state Institute of cinematography. Photo of smiling young girls and rugged men. One in the cap, the other in budenovka. Another in a gabardine coat and tie, with a cigarette in hand.

The most fierce fighting on the territory of Rostov region was carried out from October 1941 to August 1943. In plans of Hitlerite command, special emphasis was given to the capture of the southern regions of the USSR. For the implementation of their plans in the South, the Nazi command has allocated a large force. From 18 to 30 August 1943 at the «Mius-front» the battle for the final liberation of the Rostov region.