She stated what kind of weather awaits Muscovites this week

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotobanka in Moscow. Archival photoShe stated what kind of weather awaits Muscovites this week© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

Cold weather and snow in the first half of the week and significant warming with the second rains are expected in Moscow in the coming six days, reported RIA Novosti chief specialist of the capital’s weather Bureau Tatyana Pozdnyakova.

Pozdnyakov has informed RIA Novosti that the last night of October in Moscow could be the coldest since the beginning of autumn. So, according to the forecast, the temperature in the capital during the night of 31 October will fall to 5 degrees below zero, on area — to a minus of 7 degrees. In the afternoon columns of thermometers will show from zero to plus two degrees, however, the city is blowing strong South-East wind, its speed will be 7-12 metres per second.

«The weather will be different, characteristic for the tenth of November, and very warm. Today, and the next night the snow is expected, and tomorrow morning the temperature will drop to minus 1-3 degrees. The humidity then the weather will gradually be transferred to the anticyclone, however, it will be quite cold, so on Tuesday the temperature will remain low for these days in October in Moscow from zero to plus 2 degrees, on area from a minus 2 to plus 3 degrees,» — said Pozdnyakov.

However, according to the forecaster, November 1, the capital region will come under the power of the cyclone night was expected to be light precipitation at a temperature of about zero degrees, and in the afternoon the thermometer in the city will warm up to 5-7 degrees above zero and precipitation will cease.

«No significant precipitation is expected Friday night will also be warmer and no negative temperatures: the minimum will be within plus 2-5 degrees, and the day will remain at 5-7 degrees above zero. On Saturday in the capital will start raining, but we will come even more warm air, and the temperature in the region of the day will rise to 4-9 degrees above zero — a temperature more relevant to the twentieth of October», — said Pozdnyakova.