Sputnik learned the name of a Latvian, who was arrested for espionage in favor of Russia

© Depositphotos / ingus.kruklitis.gmail.songid of Riga. Archival photoSputnik learned the name of a Latvian, who was arrested for espionage in favor of Russia© Depositphotos / ingus.kruklitis.gmail.com

Sputnik Latvia got the name of the arrested senior citizen of the Baltic Republic, which local authorities were suspected of espionage in favor of Russia.

According to media reports, the man’s name is Oleg Burak. He was arrested two weeks ago. As a measure of restraint chosen for him arrest.

How did you manage to install the Sputnik journalists, Oleg Burak before retirement he was head of the accounting Department firearms Information centre of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Latvia. His experience in the Ministry for more than twenty years. He is known as one of the best gunsmiths in the country, which has created a unique system of accounting «firearms» thirteen thousand specimens.

It is also known that Burak served in Afghanistan and he has a son-the invalid of the first group.

In his article «Linguistic cleansing in the MIA» dated October 17, 2006 present Deputy of the diet Nikolay Kabanov writes that Burak was fined thirty-LVL (40 EUR) insufficient – does not match the level of their post – knowledge of the Latvian language.

According to another article, dated 13 November 2009, Burak retired, but continued to plead with the state language Centre. Retired officer recalls the circumstances under which he was fined:

«It was some circus. The office of the Minister gathered thirteen people, among whom were three representatives of the state language Centre, headed by Director Anton Kursitis. He listened very carefully as I answer the questions, and then asked me to tell you how I spent my summer. As in kindergarten. I told him straight and said that he’s not Santa Claus and that we are not in the children’s matinee. Naturally, I immediately fined thirty lats «for language.»

According to media reports, Galatasaray tried to fight corruption in the Ministry of the interior wrote to the higher authorities about the theft of money.

As noted by Sputnik, this year the court of Latvia issued a two sentence the accused in espionage in favor of Russia.

In may 2018 the court of first instance sentenced him to fifteen years in prison Jelgava railroad Alexander Krasnoperova. He was found guilty that he gave in Russia information not to be disclosed. Protection, seeking justification Krasnoperova, challenged the verdict because there is no evidence that the forwarded information was addressed to the Russian special services.

In August, 2018 to three years of probation was sentenced by a farmer from alūksne Yuri Spilve. According to the security Police, he collected information about the infrastructure of the National armed forces and passed it to the Russian intelligence service. Spilve pleaded guilty and received a suspended sentence.