The court closed the case of the RAID against Boronenkov at the request of the son

© RIA Novosti / Pavel Camerastate goddess of justice Themis in court. Archival photoThe court closed the case of the RAID against Boronenkov at the request of the son© RIA Novosti / Pavel Komarov

The Tushino court in Moscow on Monday closed the criminal case against the murdered in Kyiv former Deputy of the state Duma Denis Boronenkov, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

To stop the prosecution, the court asked the son of the murdered Nicholas Boronenkov. While initially it was he who insisted that his father was tried and – as he had hoped, was acquitted in absentia.

Of the catechumens in the court of the materials that the mother, the sister and widow of ex-MP also did not oppose the dismissal. The petition was supported by the state Prosecutor said Ustaev.

«The court comes to the conclusion about the possibility of dismissal,» said the judge. The civil suit of the victim is left without consideration.

Against the closure of the production was made by the victim in the case of businessman Otari Kobakhidze, who Boronenkov, according to the investigation, seized the building in Moscow.

«I object to the dismissal. The fact that experienced my family, I would not wish the enemy… He has decided to call and now must [also]… that’s Right, that Voronenkov went to the Ukraine, he must be alive. Please deny it. The villain must be punished,» the victim said.

The investigation began during the life Boronenkov and was not discontinued after his death because of the objection of relatives. In court they planned to posthumously prove that the former Deputy to be innocent.

The investigation claims that Voronenkov participated in the Scam with raider capture of the building on the street International in Moscow, as a result, the building market value 127 million rubles was sold for 20 million. SK the Russian Federation believes that Voronenkov financed the fraudulent scheme, gave instructions to the partners and personally supervised the process.

Boronenkov later left Russia to Ukraine together with his wife Maria Maksakova, ex-Deputy of the state Duma and an Opera singer, and soon received citizenship there. He explained that political reasons. According to the investigation, former member emigrated from the fear of being prosecuted.