The Department of education of Perm has cancelled the requirements to the hair color of the students

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite in fotovakschool bags, archival photoThe Department of education of Perm has cancelled the requirements to the hair color of the students© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite the image Bank

Requirements to the appearance of the students will be Advisory in nature after the court has fined the management of the school for the removal of the pupil because of the pink hair, told RIA Novosti in the Department of education of administration of Perm.

At the beginning of the school year, 15-year-old daughter of the Deputy of the Perm city Duma Hopes Agisheva got suspended in high school due to the fact that the girl come to class in costume without the emblem of the school, and her hair was colored pink. The management of educational institutions is explained by the fact that such appearance of a teenager violate the applicable requirements for appearance and clothing of students of the gymnasium.

Later into the incident by the public Prosecutor of Dzerzhinsky district in respect of school № 4 im. brothers Kamensky and its Director have been prosecuted on administrative violation under part 1 of article 5.57 of the administrative code («Violation or illegal restriction of the right to education, expressed in the violation or restriction of the right to public and free education»).

The case was transferred for consideration to the world court plot number five of the Dzerzhinsky district of Perm. The judge’s decision, the gymnasium and its leader was appointed punishment in the form of fines of 50 and 30 thousand roubles accordingly.

This was followed in administration of Perm has decided to adjust school rules regarding the use of the pupils of accessories, applying makeup, changing the length and color of hair.

«The requirements for school uniform pupils are regulated by a local act of the educational institution and must be agreed with the children’s staff and parent community, while the requirements to appearance of pupils really are Advisory in nature», — told RIA Novosti in the city Department of education.

According to administration of Perm, on the requirements to appearance of pupils «schools will be given methodological explanations».

The incident with the removal of the pupil from lessons because of the color of the hair has caused a wide public resonance in the region. Their attitude to the incident was expressed by the Governor of the Perm edge Maxim Reshetnikov. He, in particular, said that the strict prohibitions in the matter of the appearance of students, including the color of their hair, should not be.

«As a father of two girls, who are almost in high school learning, I understand how important the child Express themselves, to feel confident in the team,» — commented the MP.

In turn, the Commissioner for human rights in the Perm edge Pavel Mikov has called the suspension from school for hair color discrimination.