The expert explained why Chinese banks to close accounts of Russian companies

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Chinese banks have recently tightened policy in respect of Russian legal entities, which because of anti-Russian sanctions close their accounts and actually denied service. About the difficulties in working with Chinese banks regularly face company from Russia, RIA Novosti said the Russian businessman, managing partner of group of the companies Skymax Igor Shibanov.

Fears Chinese banks amid trade disputes, China and the United States are connected with the sanctions bill, which was introduced in the us Congress in August. It includes a set of anti-Russian measures, including sanctions against a new state debt of the Russian Federation and national banks, including Vnesheconombank, Sberbank, VTB, Gazprombank, Rosselkhozbank, and Promsvyazbank.

However, in recent years, cases of refusal of banks of China, from maintenance for Russian companies, which are not included in the sanctions lists. Also, Chinese banks are overly reinsured with the Russian individuals, denying them, for example, in the design of debit cards, and often even the currency exchange.

Here’s a week — get money

«I have as legal entities in China, there are companies that are Chinese residents, there are also non-residents of China, for example, a Hong Kong company, they also need to business here. The problems started a year and a half ago, we learned that the company is open, but a Bank account with a Russian passport to open is impossible. If the founder or the Director is a Russian citizen, then there are no options,» — says Shibanov.

After that, according to him, the problems began with the companies that have already put in some work in China.

«One Bank we had opened accounts for a new company, they are only year we were invited to the Bank and said, «you a week of time, withdraw money, close account». No explanation, no reference to us is not provided. We explained that here we have big contracts to pay, asked for at least a month to close the contracts, but they gave us a week and we were forced to close these companies,» says the entrepreneur.

Further, according to him, the turn to companies that are three years old. «Let’s say the Bank calls the telephone number for contacts, if the person did not answer — everything from blocked accounts, unblock that anymore. Gave time for withdrawal and all. I have had accounts of companies, which is 10 years old, I was assured that these companies certainly won’t be a problem, I went to banks, I knew there and knew it not «garbage» to some, but in the end stopped the money credited to the account,» added Shibanov, noting that these problems started about a year ago.

All the circles of hell

«We went through these circles of hell. All Chinese banks have offices, where sits the Director for work with clients, in some banks, we were politely told: «Sorry, we can’t do anything, there’s the instruction not to serve in our Bank by a Russian company, all close, Yes, you have good credit, but make we can nothing». In some banks, it was in fairly rough shape, gave us some time,» said the businessman.

He also noted that attempts to contact the management of the banks lead to nothing. «It’s not like in our Russian banks, where you can book an appointment and go to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank, then this is impossible. Above a certain level will not go, and on the level at which you could climb, we were told that «we are in the fight against money laundering, your country is at risk, so the decision is taken,» — said Shibanov.

The only thing the banks did, he said, so it turned the monitors to the customers and showed the orders of their superiors.

Affect the situation can not and official representatives of the Russian authorities, in particular the Consulate General and trade representation. «When we last year opened a showroom of Russian goods, RECs transferred a large sum in dollars, to open, to repair, to pay rent, but the money to China Merchant Bank was not credited. We spent a month, went there, helped and Consulate in Shanghai, and a trade mission in Shanghai they went to the Bank with me and talked together, trying to understand why that is not so. The Bank has find fault with all, and only after we have satisfied all their requirements, there is not any one of the item on which they could refuse, they have transferred money, but it lasted more than a month. This situation almost tore our discovery showroom,» said Shibanov.

«And this happens with all companies that have Russian owners,» he said.

Crimea got to do with it?

Problems in Chinese banks arise from the Russians, and with the personal accounts, said Shibanov, citing the example of the situation in an attempt to withdraw salary from the Bank card when he came to the Bank, and he asked the question «What is your relation to the Crimea?»

«It was absolutely not funny. On the basis of something there, this question was asked of the Russian. Operator is sitting and asks me about the Crimea. We went out and asked them inconvenient for China, the questions immediately began talking tough. Chinese citizens who heard these conversations, they have supported us because they believed that this is nonsense. I’ve come to change your money, do not break any Chinese law, and I asked a question, which to me is not exactly nothing,» — said the businessman.

He also said that in one of the offices of the China Merchant Bank, where almost all employees of the company was account, said: «You are Russian, we offer you more not to go here and close an account in our Bank».

«We had to close the account. They detained us all transactions demanded some documents that we cannot provide, for example, a certificate from the Russian tax, in order to do this you need to go to Russia. Other foreigners do not ask. And this happens in Shanghai, where very tolerant of all the foreigners, and the Russian love. But banks in such situation, such internal instructions», — said the businessman.

«Now there are cases when even our tourists are experiencing difficulties. This has happened with several of my guests when people who enter on a tourist visa to China, can not change money in the Bank. That is, it comes with a dollars in the Bank, but as soon as I see a Russian passport, drive. Moreover, this Chinese state banks. Seemingly, what a problem to change tourists money? But some Chinese banks are under very strong influence of the Americans,» — said Shibanov.

Smiling, but through clenched teeth

Shibanov said that the company provided information about the situation of the intergovernmental panel on overcoming barriers, «three months ago there was the meeting, this issue was raised, we wrote and specific banks, and the names of the Directors described specific instances».

«We hope that in the future everything will be solved, we see the possibility of this only in the transition to settlements in RMB, and that work was carried out with Chinese banks, state bodies, they have ensured that Chinese banks treat us as well as to all its clients», — said the Agency interlocutor.

However, he added that in this story suffer and Chinese partners as if «the money comes from Russian companies, they are not so easy to get it.»

In such a situation, according to Shibanova, the only solution was the transfer of companies in service to foreign banks, as they are less likely to comply with the instructions of the American correspondent banks.

«Recently I my friends said that such a regime for businesses in any country, in China it is very easy to do business very comfortable. But, unfortunately, the Chinese banking system now is very hard on us. Smiling, but through clenched teeth,» — concluded the businessman.

The expert explained why Chinese banks to close accounts of Russian companies© Infografiken sanctions against Russia and retaliatory measures