The expert spoke about the development of environmental journalism in Russia

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Asyncoperation in fotobanka Murmansk. Archival photoThe expert spoke about the development of environmental journalism in Russia© RIA Novosti / Sergey Emancipate the image Bank

Russian media is not enough journalists writing on specific topics, in particular on environmental issues and environmental journalism is only starting to develop in Russia, says the head of the project «Ecological press-center» in the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Vladislav Kovalevsky.

This opinion was sounded at the forum of environmental journalists «EKO-Media-Parents-2018». The three-day forum for media of the countries of the Barents region in the course of which discussions, presentations and reports on topical issues of modern media writing about the environment, has opened in Murmansk on Monday.

«We are faced with the fact that the media did not write about ecology professional materials. Or scandalous news that causes social conflicts or prosperous articles that are not attractive to the General public. Environmental journalism is only starting to develop in Russia,» said Kovalevskaya.

In her opinion, a few years ago environmentalists were regarded as «strange people», not taken seriously. «Today there is lack of specialists in the media – especially those who could write about the environment – it’s the people who will be able to understand, to engage experts and is available to tell you about what’s going on, what worries the public,» the expert added.

In the opinion of the representative of the public chamber of the Russian Federation Vasily Khodyakov, media, writing about the environment today is getting a modest audience. «There’s a difference between lighting projects in the West and in Russia. The difference in the commitment to environmental issues is a huge problem. In the value system of ecology in the West is one of the first places. We consider that this is not the fundamental problem,» said hodyakov.

The forum participants noted the need to consolidate the forces of government, civil society, activists and the media to draw attention to environmental issues.

The organizers of the forum «ECO-Media Barents-2018» was organized by the Association of environmental journalists «EKO-press» ANO «POMOR» in conjunction with the relevant committees of the RF Public Chamber, the Union of journalists of Russia, Ministry of natural resources and the administration of the Murmansk region with the support of leading Russian media. The forum will be held for three days in Murmansk and Kirkenes.