The Finance Ministry said the attack neighbors to the employee’s Department

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotoracconti police. Archival photoThe Finance Ministry said the attack neighbors to the employee’s Department© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

Employee of the Ministry of Finance of Russia Pavel Efimov in conflict with neighbours over Parking used the traumatic weapon to protect his pregnant wife, at the same time because most attackers inflicted injuries, the official filed a statement to the police, told reporters the official representative of the Ministry Andrey Lavrov.

«As a result of domestic conflict on the basis of long-term hostile relations of the inhabitants of the house where he rents a Studio apartment with his wife and attacks his pregnant wife due to the fact that she is Parking in the places intended, in the opinion of permanent residents of the house, only for their cars, Paul suffered damage of medium severity (broken nose, multiple bruises),» — said Lavrov.

In his words, «non-lethal weapons applied by Paul with the purpose of self-defense to protect the life and health of a pregnant wife in the later period of pregnancy from the assault of three drunken citizens, who provoked the conflict, and the first shot was fired in the air to prevent, and the second is made in the limb (hand)».

According to Finance Ministry information, Efimov was not arrested and is not under any restrictions, is currently at home on sick leave.

«The twenty-third of October 2018 Paul to law enforcement agencies filed a statement of audit in relation to actions of the attackers about the presence of signs of a crime under article 112 of the criminal code «Intentional infliction of harm of medium gravity», — said Lavrov.

«On any investigation or other action, we do not currently know, this information should be clarified in law enforcement,» — said the official representative of the Ministry of Finance.