The first Soviet nuclear submarine «Leninsky Komsomol» I want to make a Museum

The nuclear submarine K-3 Leninsky Komsomol (project 627). Archive photoThe first Soviet nuclear submarine «Leninsky Komsomol» I want to make a Museum

The Museum is planning to do on the basis of the first Soviet nuclear submarine «Leninsky Komsomol», which 60 years ago began the development of the Russian nuclear submarine fleet, told reporters on Monday the President of «United shipbuilding Corporation» Alexey Rakhmanov.

Previously, such proposals have been repeatedly voiced, but so far in life not been implemented. The current initiative on the occasion of 100-anniversary of the establishment of the Komsomol, which is celebrated today.

«We would like to play with the idea of the Museum, the boat «Leninsky Komsomol», she is still afloat. Now looking for people who could help us in creating the Museum on the basis of this submarine,» — said Rakhmanov at the handover ceremony, the layout of the submarine, the Museum of contemporary history in Moscow.

On Board the nuclear submarine «Leninsky Komsomol» in September 1967, the tragedy occurred on the 56th day of the campaign with the return of the submarine in a submerged position with the military service. In the first compartment, a fire broke out. The commander of the second compartment, the captain-Lieutenant Anatoly Painter took the only right decision and closed from inside the bulkhead door between the second and third compartments, stopping the fire from spreading, and saved the boat from destruction. Victims of tragedy of a steel of 39 persons.

Submarine, derived from part of the Northern fleet in 1991, was delivered to the plant «Nerpa» in the Murmansk region of Gremikha in 2005. Today the submarine «Leninsky Komsomol» are ready to perform the functions of a Museum, but still has not defined its departmental affiliation, and agreed location to leave the boat in the Northern fleet or to transfer to St. Petersburg.