The Minister is not the engine – the head of Minnetoka shared the secrets of service

© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva in fotomancer of the Russian Federation for Far East development Alexander Kozlov. Archival photoThe Minister is not the engine – the head of Minnetoka shared the secrets of service© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva the image Bank

A significant part of the lives of government officials is hidden from the eyes of the Russians. In most long-established image of the official as a person who travels in a good suit on an expensive comfortable car, and even with spetssignalami to anywhere on personal business in time; I will go once a day on any event, will distribute instructions and free.

To find out what «behind the scenes», as it really is a day of Russian officials, RIA news travelled with the Minister for Far East development Alexander Kozlov.

From one day to the other

Landing at six in the morning, from the plane – right objects. Because of the long flights and time zone changes immediately to start to work hard, and the flight took place at the end of the day. «Business day Minister for development of Russian Far East, flowing from one day to the other, is a normal situation,» with a slight smile meets Kozlov on the question of how often there is such situation.

«We decided in the Ministry, thanks to my colleagues who have supported me, although it is difficult – that a teleconference involving all regions are not at 15.00 Moscow time, when in the far East 21.00 – 22.00, and at 5-6 in the morning in Moscow. Especially for this come to the Ministry. In the regions at this time of the afternoon, which allows time to solve immediately after the meeting any questions, do not hesitate to them the next day», — said the Minister.

The master’s eye

This time the trip in the Amur region, where goats were previously the Governor, because he knows every rock here and inspection is the old habit of prudently meticulously. After a brief meeting with the current head of the region Vasily Orlov access to the embankment of the Amur river, where implemented ambitious by local standards improvement project, and the Minister need to ensure that Bank protection and the construction is progressing at the planned pace, not only on paper but also in reality.

A few comments to reporters, and then again in the car (by the way, without any mod) – Free city, where the recently collapsed bridge on the main road from the TRANS-Siberian railway. You want to discuss the possibility of creating a detour, because in a short time to restore the viaduct at the expense of small towns will not work. You need to study the problem thoroughly to make the right decision.

A Minister of impressive size black briefcase full of work papers. To Free the path is not close, so there is the opportunity to work with documents on the road. «The documents work and in the car, and in hotels, sometimes in electronic form, when you throw the phone», — says the head of a Ministry. It is interrupted by a call. Someone calls from the governors to consult.

Interested in how to build relationships with the leaders of the far Eastern regions, because the goats he left the Governor’s post is just a little over six months ago, and colleagues turned to the heads of regions and republics in the head. «The Minister is the senior among equals, among the governors, among his colleagues, because this is a team. We have a common task, and we must work as a team. The Minister participates in the meetings of the government, contributes to the solution of problems of all nine regions of the Far East. This allows you to gain new knowledge. While in the Amur region, for example, I can suggest a solution to a problem, based on the experience of the Magadan region, or Vice versa. The main thing here not to be indifferent, to hear concerns, questions,» answers Kozlov and again immersed in the documents, and after a while he adds: «it Often happens that the different levels of competencies. Sometimes somewhere and he learn of the more powerful leaders, where a weaker – there are mentor. Someone who is willing to listen, the easier it is. Those who are not ready, there are difficulties».


From Free in Belogorsk, where the territory of advanced development (TOR). You need to have time to talk not only with the head of the city, but business leaders who work in THOR. The large majority of these working meetings is usually hidden to the press, but we are exceptionally allowed to attend. In the course of meeting phone calls again. Now the Minister is gaining phones are responsible for solving this or that problem. This files most often calls up with heads of institutes of development of the Far East.

«With development institutions always on the line. This practice of not leaving «on the bench», I still have more work at the coal enterprise. And now we solve part of the issues over the phone. I want to note that I am not only a task, thus put, sometimes you need to consult, to propose a solution from the heads of development institutions of the Far East», — said after the meeting the goats.

In his opinion, delay will not suffer any social problems, no investment, therefore, the Agency’s Director of the Far East to attract investment and export support Agency for the development of human capital in the far East, the Corporation of development of the Far East and the development Fund of the Far East first in the list of most popular contacts.

In Blagoveshchensk returned late in the evening.

The Minister is not a locomotive

The second day of the trip quite eventful. Coming to the region Deputy Prime Minister – presidential envoy in the far East Yuri Trutnev. Inspect with a Gantry bridge construction with China, again visit Free, to finally put an end to the fate of the viaduct, night – meeting, which solved the most urgent problems of Amur oblast: construction of new maternity hospitals instead of out, the resettlement of dilapidated housing, illegal mining and others. There is no opportunity to talk to the Minister, even in fits and starts.

Day three in the Amur region fell on Saturday, so schedule a little freer. It starts with the Minister’s opening remarks at a local forum of Internet Commerce. «For the Far East important business activity, regardless of its scale. We need to help the far East to legally earn a place to teach them, so could not pass event side,» — said Kozlov his presence on the forum.

Certainly an important point of stay in the Amur region Kozlov believes the visit of the choreographic ensemble «Peers», whose fate has always taken an active part and is proud of the achievements of the team. So this time met with its Director Elena Fedina.

Moving and bounds between events and meetings are able to ask a few more questions to the Minister. Recipe of vivacity with such a busy schedule causes an individual interest. «We cannot be tired, the President of the task set for development of the Far East – should be carried out», — first the goats jokes, and then continues in a serious tone: «Lack of indifference and a desire to be helpful. This motivates the daily work. Each of us has a family, the parents, and do not want to be shamed because of us. Everything else is coming, will come with time. Today I have a growing daughter, and I wish that she was proud of her father.»

The Minister is not the engine – the head of Minnetoka shared the secrets of service© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator in Photobacterium told about implementation of investment projects in the far Postcard, he said, families could see each other rarely, but mentally it helps to recover the communication with the relatives. «Man is not a steam engine – nervous. Helps that the wife frequently sends pictures of the daughter, which in the eyes just grows. Now she is 10 months old. Very happy» — shared the Minister.

«I also nerves helps to restore the sport. I do hockey, popularize it myself, support the children’s movement. And hockey I save. It’s a team game, an emotional, which allows you to throw out all the negative energy. The hockey part of my life. Even while traveling, try to have time to practice. That’s just visited yesterday evening, even one goal scored,» with a passion for sport said Kozlov, adding that because of this, I came home only at half past eleven in the evening, and then doing documents.

To eat when such activity is also almost not possible. Ask the Minister, what helps in such cases, maybe a thermos of strengthening power drink. «I am in terms of food they are omnivorous and eat everything except the gravel. I love cappuccino and cake. If you are given free a few minutes, anticipating the café for coffee and are supported with busy schedule», — said the Minister, again hiding in the car to go to the next place of inspection.