The Ministry has created an online resource of «Open budget for citizens»

© Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation the Draft Open budget for citizensThe Ministry has created an online resource of «Open budget for citizens»© Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation

The efficiency of spending state budget — a topic that is interesting to everyone — journalists, scientists and the General public. However, the complexity of the topic leads to the fact that it often happens that cost-effectiveness becomes a matter of speculation, in particular, and intentional. The openness of the authorities, including transparency of information about budget expenditures have become the norm in the activities of bodies of state and municipal management in Russia. Modern information technologies allow to effectively disclose information about how and with what efficiency spending of the state budget funds for different categories of users.

This itself is the original information about the efficiency of budget expenditures clear to quite narrow groups of users with specific levels of training. The complexity of the reporting forms, the fragmentation of data, large amounts of text and numbers — all this creates problems when searching and processing data not only for a simple layman, but more often to a specialist.

That is why popular are those information resources that represent such information in an aggregated form. However, due to the complexity of the preparation of such information, the number of such resources in Runet small, and the publication of the data may be irregular.

The problem of representing complex data in the simplest form, was solved by the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation in the framework of the project «public budget for citizens», launched in 2015. To date, launched several electronic resources, focused on different categories of users — from the expert community to an audience of children. In this project solved the problem of representing large amounts of data in aggregated form that allows the user to quickly get an answer to his question.

In the framework of the project «public budget for citizens» of the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia a special attention is paid to issues of efficiency of budget expenditures. The portal presents a set of industry indicators, characterizing the content and effectiveness of the budget expenditures of the Ministry of industry and trade. Users have the option to choose the period and display form data.

The solution of a simple and accessible presentation of information on how to operate governments, achieved through aggregation of data from various public official sources. So, in practice many of the indicators can be included in the official statistics published by Rosstat and the Federal customs service. Some indicators are departmental in origin and published in open sources — for example, in interviews and in press releases. However, the problem of representing the disparate figures on a single resource were in this case solved the first time.

Professor of the Department «State and municipal management», Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation Nikita Popadyuk: «information on the national budget and, moreover, the calculations that can be performed, of course, very useful for all groups of users of a Runet. Now, information about available financial resources coming from the budget, becomes transparent, and acquires a beneficial effect.»