The source said details of the death of the founder of the WWF in Russia Laura Williams

© Photo : Laura Williams FacebookЛора Williams. Archival photo.The source said details of the death of the founder of the WWF in Russia Laura Williams© Photo : home of Laura Williams Facebook

One of the founders of the world wildlife Fund (WWF) in Russia, American Laura Williams died from injuries after she was thrown off an unbroken horse, told RIA Novosti source close to the family of the deceased.

«She was thrown and trampled Brumby», — said the source.

On the death of Laura, on Sunday said her husband Igor Shpilenok.

«Laura is gone. Forever. An accident when training the horse. The funeral in the village wins the Bryansk region on Tuesday, October 30, at the hour of the day,» Shpilenok wrote on his page in Facebook.

In 1993, 23-year-old Laura Williams arrived in Russia to work in the WWF. For four years she worked in the Moscow office, embodying dozens of environmental protection programs, among which was the reserve «Bryansk forest».

To help keep this wealth, Laura moved to a little village near Bryansk Wins, where he stayed to live with her husband Igor Shpilenko, famous photographer-naturalist. Laura’s love for nature knew no bounds: during the life in Russia she participated in nature conservation in Kamchatka, he moved with his family, husband and two sons to the town of Yelizovo, to establish the work programme of WWF Russia.

Then Williams returned to the Bryansk region and started to develop the project «Man and Horse».

The world wildlife Fund (WWF) is one of the largest international independent nature preservation organizations unites about 5 million permanent supporters and operates in more than 100 countries. The first projects of WWF in Russia began in 1989, and in 1994 opened a Russian office of the WWF. In 2004, WWF-Russia became a Russian national organization.