«We are powerless». As foster children in court and trying to open the secret of adoption

© Photo : personal archive Herouville Shestakova father«We are powerless». As foster children in court and trying to open the secret of adoption© Photo : from personal archive of heroes

Olga Ledesma was born in Chelyabinsk in the family of a Deputy Director of the Palace of culture and engineering. More precisely, she was sure of that for many years. Twenty found out she was adopted. Thirty-five — that she has a rare genetic disease. Now, to clarify the history and progression of the disease, the Olga you need to find the biological parents. But the court to open the secrecy of adoption was not in a hurry. The twenty-ninth of October will be held a regular meeting on her case, which could become a precedent for Russia — yet no one of the adopted failed in court to find out details of blood relatives.

Such as Olga, trying to find their roots, for thousands. While legal practice is not on their side. Even having information about your birth parents, you can find them just by luck or by illegal means.

The mystery of the pendant

In the passport of Olga Lepeshkovaya in the column «date of birth» is indicated: July 1, 1980. Actually came to light it two weeks early on 15 June. And didn’t name her Olga, and Svetlana. Upon adoption, the adoptive parents changed the girl is not only the name and date of birth. So do many adoptive parents.

Up to a point Olga did not know that a non-native. But «bells» was. For example, my mom once bought her a pendant in the form of twins, although the horoscope of the girl was kind of like Cancer. «I was very surprised. Mom said that pendants in the form of cancer in the store was not simple, and the pendant she liked, — she recalls. Now I understand: mom remembered my real date of birth, wanted to buy a pendant with my «native» zodiac sign».

«Article 139 of the Family code requires to keep secret from the adopted child information about the existence of his biological parents. In addition, there is the 155th article of the criminal code, which warns about the criminal liability of persons violating the confidentiality of an adoption against the will of the adoptive parents. But even if, as in my case, the agreement is, the law does not stipulate that the Registrar shall issue to such data. And it is actively used».

The absurdity of the situation in the fact that the «secret» origin is only for those children who took on the care of a family. The orphanage after the age of majority we provide all the necessary data of the blood parents.

To understand the intricacies of the laws, Olga went on to study at the faculty of law: «Now advise adults adopted, step by step explain to them where to start looking, where could I go».

Along with the present first name and surname Shestakova found out that the adoptive parents made her younger by five months. Now his real date of birth she tries to return through court.

Here is what Olga said about that meeting in social networks:

«We both arrived on time, both with flowers. <…> We had been together for ten hours and was so tired from exhaustion. Thought it was impossible to collect and build a logical story to both me and her. We both jumped from topic to topic, shoot down, I forgot what I was going to say, to retell the 36 years that are gone forever, impossible in ten hours.»

Olga introduced home mom with a husband, children, friends. But the communication never happened. A month and a half Olga asked blood mother to take a DNA test — it would help to accelerate the process of change of date of birth: «If we prove that we are mother and daughter and she confirms my date of birth, the court would have passed faster. However, she refused. Said, «you Have enough money to buy the wrong date of birth that you like it.» After these words, I hung up. We haven’t talked.»

Olga says that has no regrets. Now help adult adoptees became her calling. Soon she wants to leave the initiative to amend the Family code that would permit courts to issue data of the blood parents: «People should have the right to know at least something about their origin. Now it turns out that the law protects the rights of women, which once made the decision to abandon the child, but not the rights of the child».