Who: nearly two billion children in the world are daily breathing polluted air

© AFP 2018 / Arun Optistruct police in a mask to protect yourself from air pollution in India. Archival photo.Who: nearly two billion children in the world are daily breathing polluted air© AFP 2018 / Arun Sankar

Every day, nearly 2 billion children under the age of 15 years put their health at risk by breathing in polluted air, says the report of the world health organization published on Monday.

«Every day, about 93% of children under 15 years of age (1.8 billion children) inhale polluted air that threatens their health and development. Tragically, many of them die. According to who estimates, in 2016 from serious respiratory diseases caused by polluted air, died, 600 thousand children», — the document says.

As noted, children who have long breathed the polluted air, more than any other are at risk of chronic diseases, particularly cardiovascular. Polluted air adversely affects neuroreplete and cognitive abilities of a child can provoke the development of asthma and cancer, the Director of the Department of public health, environmental and social determinants of health the who Maria Nera. According to her, the prolonged stay in areas with polluted air may also trigger premature labor or cause birth of premature babies.

The report indicates that those at greatest risk are children who live in low and middle income per capita in Africa, Southeast Asia, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Western Pacific.

Who offer several solutions to the problem. For example, to place schools and playgrounds away from the big highways and factories, which are major air pollutants. In addition, it is necessary to adopt legislation aimed at reducing such pollution, impose restrictions on the use of coal and other fossil fuels, invest in renewable energy and new technologies.

These issues who’s offers to discuss at the first international conference on air pollution and health, held in Geneva from 30 October to 1 November.